Die Bergfilm #1 — Introduction

The Bergfilm (literally “mountain movie”) is a German film genre which flourished during the 1920s and 1930s. Born in the midst of the turbulent interwar period, the Bergfilm is the outdoors movie par excellence and appears like an attempt to escape the fast growing, suffocating, cosmopolitan (and in some regards decadent) metropolises of the plains.

Der Heilige Berg, 1926
Der Heilige Berg, 1926

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Video Assignment #2 – Les Sentiers Noirs de l’Ouest

A western noir: this was the objective we had in mind when producing Les Sentiers Noirs de l’Ouest. An interesting blend of concepts and a great filming and creation experience with my classmates made this a very enriching project.

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Blog Assignment #8 – A journey across the History of Cinema

During this semester, we have traveled a long way, from the premises of feature films of Chaplin and Keaton, to the mysterious and extravagant world of Guillermo del Toro in Pan’s Labyrinth. In this small essay, I will try to put into perspective the different stages of Cinema’s History we went through in class by selecting three movies we watched which I consider illustrative of the evolution of the medium.

Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton, in the 1920s, looking already overwhelmed by the amount of film history produced


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